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David Li Sheman

David Li Sheman

David Li Sheman, the Director of Instruction at Emerald Hills Golf Club, is a lifelong golf enthusiast. His love for the sport guided him to the University of British Columbia, where he led the Men’s Golf Team and studied kinesiology. This paved the way for a professional career that saw him compete worldwide.


Today, with 20 professional victories and two PGA of Ontario Player of the Year awards to his name, he primarily focuses on instruction. He applies his knowledge of kinesiology to help golfers enhance their movement efficiency and provides practical drills and mental strategies for improvement. David takes pride in teaching golfers of all abilities, from novices to professionals.

You can find him at to book a lesson. 

David Caldwell

David Caldwell

David takes an enthusiastic approach for those who are beginning the sport and for those who are seeking game improvement. 

David has years of coaching experience as a Tennis Professional and a Hockey Canada coach. He is currently in the process of obtaining his PGA of Canada certification. David has also been certified as a Taylor Made Fitting Academy specialist.


Contact David today to book a lesson at


D. Franz McFayden

D. Franz McFayden is the founder and head teaching professional of Golf and Performance, with 30+ years of experience in multiple sports highlighted by competitive international-level experience in several (with numerous wins and awards). Specializing in peak performance mental coaching for high-performance athletes, short game/wedge play scoring, on-course high-performance strategies, and detailed video and biomechanical analysis profiles through his Performance Lab for high-level recreational and competitive players. 

Coach Franz has also been trained by a PGA Tour Coach and has coached winners in multiple sports. In golf he has coached: Junior medal winners- boys and girls (starting at age 6), Junior Club Champions, Club League Champions, successful Mini-tour players and a 73 year old Senior Men's Club Champion. Coach Franz leads by example and has collected several wins in his golf career.


You can find him at to book a lesson. 

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Dave Horne

Dave is a CPGA Professional and owner of Golf4u Canada.


Dave became a certified Master Golf Teaching professional through the Canadian Golf Teachers Federation, US Golf Teachers Federation, and the World Golf Teachers Federation. 

In 2020 and 2023 Dave was proudly named one of the top 50 Golf Professionals in Canada by the Canadian Golf Teachers Federation (CGTF). To enhance his ability to take students to the next level, Dave became a Certified TPI coach. A Certified TPI coach in golf, junior golf, fitness and power golf, Dave can properly screen, assess, and analyze golfer’s abilities as well as physical limitations to understand their strengths and weaknesses plus help them understand how ground forces and biomechanics work in their swing.

To better understand the mental game of golf, Dave became a Certified Golf Psychologist. Dave wanted to help golfers unlock and overcome any psychological obstacles that may be holding them back.

Dave is also a club fitter; this allows him to check golfer’s equipment to see if they are a good fit or in need of regripping or repairs to a complete overhaul to match the golfer’s skill level.

 Find Dave today to book a lesson at

Coach Diane

Diane Demick

Diane brings both passion and expertise to each session, helping you believe & achieve!

Diane has been an LPGA Teaching Professional for over 25 years and a certified instructor with V1 Swing Analysis as well as the V1 Pressure mat.  Diane is also trained on Trackman, get to know your numbers to improve your game.

Your goal is to hit the ball, Diane’s goal is to assist you along the way, not only to build your skills and confidence but allow you to “OWN” your game.  In doing this, you will learn to recognize your miss hits; why you hit them and how to self correct. Once you master this skill you will be in a much better position to significantly improve your game. 


Mistakes are part of the game, Diane will guide you through those difficult shots, build a stable base and create success. Achieving success can be fun and rewarding, but not without work, you are training a muscle movement and that takes repetition.

Diane also works to assist players with physical impairment to keep them in the game.  By tweaking the golf swing to minimize pain and allow the player to continue enjoying this great game.

In the immortal words of Bobby Jones, “I never learned anything from a match I won!”

You can find her at to book a lesson. 


Gord Burns

Gord Burns is the Head Teaching Professional at GBurns Golf School, a PGA of Canada Class “A”Certified Instructor and was on the Canadian Tour member (1999-2003).


Gord still remains active on the PGA of Ontario and PGA of Canada tournament scene, and was honoured through his fine play in 2019 by winning the PGA of Ontario Player of the Year while posting a 68.9 scoring average. He also managed his first National title in 2019 winning the PGA of Canada National Club Professional Championship with a tournament record setting score of 21 under par for 3 rounds, with a course record opening round of  62 (-10).

Gord employs a wide range of teaching techniques dependant on one’s particular needs. His belief is that there are specific positions that need to be met with the golf club as well as specific body movements that are important to achieve those key positions for consistent results. Identifying each student’s particular needs is a strength that Gord has learned over the past 20 years of coaching with more than 40,000 hours of teaching experience. In working with Gord and practicing the drills and exercises given to you, along with the proper use of the trackman data, you will ultimately improve your game.


You can find him at to book a lesson. 


Derek Pulchinski



Derek has been involved in the corporate training field for over 30 years and applies this experience to his golf instruction.


Focusing on the FUNDAMENTALS, simplifying the game and helping with proper golf technique, Derek works with individuals helping them swing within themselves to maximize best results.


Golf is a difficult sport and with his easy approach to the game, students will see

improvements immediately. A great communicator and using a personalized process, Derek helps you to improve your game and shoot lower scores.


Contact Derek at:



Dave Armstrong

Dave is a professional golf coach who has a proven track record of helping clients achieve their goals via HOLISTIC coaching support and EFFECTIVE golf development programs. 


Dave understands the importance of developing strong relationships built on mutual trust with his clients and finds that the more you "connect", the faster you will improve your game.  

Dave supports golfers by:

1- Offering a safe, friendly, and fun learning environment 

2- Helping to set long term goals/expectations

3- Identifying critical growth areas required to achieve stated goals

4- Creating personalized development plans - centered on a "fundamentals first" approach -  that align with stated goals

You can find him at to book a lesson. 


Stephanie Lam

With nearly two decades of experience in the golf industry, Stephanie Lam is an esteemed and highly knowledgeable golf instructor. Her expertise has been recognized through numerous accolades, including being honoured as the 2021 PGA of Canada Stan Leonard Class "A" Professional of the Year and the 2021 PGA of Ontario Class "A" Professional of the Year.


Stephanie has dedicated her career to the growth and development of the sport, continually expanding her knowledge and staying at the forefront of industry advancements. She holds the prestigious TPI Certified Level 3 Golf Coach qualification, demonstrating her deep understanding of golf biomechanics, physical fitness, and training methods. Additionally, she also specialized as a TPI Certified Power 2 Golf Coach, enabling her to enhance golfers' power and distance performance effectively.

Throughout her career, Stephanie has honed her skills in various aspects of golf instruction. She is particularly skilled in swing analysis and improvement, helping golfers achieve greater consistency and accuracy in their swings. Her expertise extends to short game mastery and club fitting.

Contact Stephanie today to book a lesson at


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